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Why Pino Caravan?

Would you like a special own Pino Caravan?

Pino Caravan was established a mentality of quality caravans in Istanbul.

There are many criteria to consider when purchasing a caravan. You make an investment in the caravan and hope to use it for long ages.

You want to spend your holidays freely.

Who can you choose closer to Pino, which offers the most suitable model for your requests and needs, a unique design designed just for you?





We aim for the most suitable quality-price balance for you to experience the most comfortable, safest, and most pleased holidays in all of our products. We aim to consistently continue our enhancement the quality and product development efforts. We provide innovations with comments and suggestions from our users. Our after-sales support and maintenance service is more significant to us than anything else to make you satisfied.


The caravan produced to the best standards for durable and long-term use is one of the significant criteria. You also pay for the invisible parts of your caravan. Therefore, more important than the visual quality is the endurance of the interior structure and the meticulousness of the craftsmanship in every part of the vehicle. Both light and solid cabin structures are a valuable investment for customers.


Safe driving should be a basic condition for you and your relatives in the caravan. Pino Caravans are equipped with high technology towing and driving equipment at international standards. All of our caravans are produced for you to set off comfortably and have the best trips with your relatives.


Thermal insulation and waterproofing are one of our main priorities for our customers to have a comfortable time in the caravan. It is the Pino guarantee we provide for you to enjoy your Pino for 4 seasons and for years.

·        DESIGN

Ergonomic design is one of the most significant features to make you feel homelike in the caravan. Optimum settlement in the kitchen, bathroom units, bucket, sleeping area, and other parts provides you with both a wide space and practical use.


·        CONFORT

Heating and cooling systems, media and equipment suitable for your other hobbies, and accessories are integrated into the design in accordance with your requests so that you can spend your trip in the best way possible.


Our brand, which globalizes from Turkey, has become a reference in itself with its unique design and quality line. We continue to design and travel with all our users.