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Customer Comments


Don't you have a house? To those who ask; “We have PINO!” we say! After completing our 18-day tour of 4700 km covering 7 countries, we also completed our 6-day Aegean tour and covered a total of 6102.4 km with our 390 AGILE PINO, which we call ESTEBAN.

I wanted to share this article to help those who do not have caravan experience, intend to buy, but do not have the courage, or have question marks in their minds for different reasons.

First of all, our PINO did not abash us at all. We encountered almost no mechanical or technical problems. (I say almost because the problems we experienced troubled about were not about the caravan, that is about our choice.)

For example, not having an alternative energy source - I would definitely recommend doing it. It did not make any slipping during lane changing. I think the most curious ones should be the ups and downs. There are those who know the SAKAR pass. Believe me, we went up and down such ramps between Montenegro and Kotor Budva that we were quite comfortable even on the SAKAR pass.

Our caravan did not give us any problems on these roads, on the contrary, it provided safe braking. Sometimes it even made us feel like it was holding our car. I would like to state that our handmade, handcrafted PINO satisfies us immensely, and while we have question marks in the minds of many caravan enthusiasts, this experience has removed all our doubts. We are very happy that we preferred to camper caravan as PINO.

We would love to see many different PINO on the roads and in the camps. Greetings and love to everybody.


In the first phone conversation, when I called Pino Caravan for information, my dear friend Faruk Karatan; must have felt that we needed more information because he said; "I'm coming by plane at the weekend, meet me at Adana airport". At the end of a sunny weekend with our spouses, we both chatted and talked about all the details of our caravan. While we were sending our new friends away in the evening, we understood that our summer vacation would be very enjoyable and unforgettable and that being a Pino Caravan owner was a different culture. We are happy to have a house that is light enough to be towed even by bike and powerful enough to tour a lot.

Thanks PINO.


P 325 caravan overbalanced our expectations with my wife. Not to mention its usefulness, original design, durability, and Pino assurance. Check it out, use it and see the difference.


Either Pino or Pino or even one big one small two Pino. There are more affordable models and designs on the market, there are supermodels produced in Europe, and there is also Pino. According to the price/quality/durability/comfort,  logic says Pino.

Best regards.


We met the Pino family in 2009 when our love for caravans began. Glad we met! Otherwise; The negativities we experienced with the caravan we bought from another company would not turn our route to Pino. We used almost every model. With our greetings and love to the Pino family, who always stands by their customers, prefer friendship to money, and we know and trust that we can reach them 24 hours a day in any matter.

May your success always be.


Dear friends, since my youth, I have always loved camping life and being in nature and tried to make it happen whenever I had the chance.

As time passed, the passion for caravans took hold of my wife and me, and with my wife's decision to retire, it started to come true. Motorhome or caravan was a difficult question.

Considering the ease of use and price advantage of the camper caravan, and because European caravans are too expensive for us, we decided to buy a domestically made caravan. We visited the factories of caravan manufacturers in Turkey and saw their on-site production.

We talked to the users and thought that the PINO caravan was the correct decision for us, and we order immediately. We had an unforgettable holiday for 2 months with our 3.25 caravan, which we received in August 2014.

When we looked at all the road conditions during our holiday, we took the opportunity to test the quality and ease of use of the PINO caravan. We were very satisfied with our caravan in winter conditions. Now we are looking forward to the arrival of summer. I hope everyone will own a PINO Caravan one day and join us.

Best Regards.