In search of quality and comfort

The longing of the soul is to spend more time in nature, with simple needs and with the freedom to be anywhere anytime when it felt like to be. Do you ever feel the same?

Pino Caravan was founded by Faruk Karatan, the Principal, a celebrated designer and accomplished folk musician, who was in search for an adequate, affordable and comfy caravan to tour all year round and move away from the city for his second spring.

Not satisfied with the options offered in the market, he decided to square the circle and build up one caravan with good design and good quality.

Technical Basis and the First Pino

After more than 2 years of prospect in material, technology, process and design subjects of all the brands worldwide, he made his name among Turkish caravaners with his knowledge and drove some thousand kms to test his first caravan, built in his atelier in the house garden. Once the points to improve were detected, the first orders came and he then maintained to build custom-made models of different dimensions. Today Pino operates as a family business with a full compliment of staff.

The quality assurance standards of Pino brand:

–          Water tightness: Using the boat building technology and turkish knowledge in the subject for water tightness, the exterior materials and the structure are designed to offer the utmost reliability.

–          Safety: Safe-drive-technology is integrated into Pino Caravans to offer the best towing experience to all caravaners.

–          Comfort: Pino Caravans are built to enjoy and make your caravanning dream come true.

–          Solidity: Supplying the global brands as AlKo, Eberspächer, Dometic etc., Pino competes with the international brands and maintains customer satisfaction as the priority.

“Simple and Solid” is a Pino characteristic.

Camp anywhere, any season and feel the choice of freedom.

New to caravanning or a non-retiree caravaner, everyone tastes a unique and rejuvenating caravanning experience with Pino.