We manufacture custom-made caravans for all-year round use as well as motorhomes, campers, pickup cabins.

Our product range covers small type trailers for motorbikes, ATV vehicles and depot trailers, and commercial trailers (kiosk, accomodation, bungalow).

Comfortable design, long life, robust structure and aerodynamic for maximum fuel economy.

We offer you the possibility to go for camping every weekend and the feeling at home.


Quality I Solidity I Comfort

Combining the centuries old boat building industry with the modern caravanning technology, we work for constant progress and offer a solid and comfortable caravanning experience to Pino users.

Conformity with International Standards

We use the latest materials and equipments to ensure highest safety and comfort standards. Homologated in EU, our caravanners drive Pino Caravans through countries and seasons.

We work for best user-experience and after-sales servicing.